Ports Broken By src Changes

As changes are made to the src tree, often ports become unbuildable. This list attempts to draw attention to these ports.

/!\ this article only addresses ports that are unbuildable due to changes in src itself. It covers all FreeBSD versions. If you are specifically looking for failures on -current, including those which are possibly not related to src changes, see the superset of this list at PortsFailingOnCurrent.

Please order this list from most recent to oldest.

Except where noted, these are derived from the latest amd64-9, i386-9, and i386-10 build failures on pointyhat; and a recent set of build failures for amd64-10-exp on pointyhat-west.

For your convenience, here are the shortcuts to the ports CVS tree; the page for one port on portsmon; and WhenDidThatPortBreak. You may also be able to examine the ports already marked broken on amd64-9, already marked broken on i386-9, and already marked broken on i386-10 for hints.

ports broken only on 10-CURRENT

unknown failures

Here are some new failures as of 20120522 that should be investigated.

CARP changes

math functions

At least for comms/spandsp-devel, ports/167985 showed that the code was already passing the correct types to pow() and log(), and thus did not need to include "tgmath.h". MarkLinimon doesn't know yet if that fix will work for these others:

IF_ADDR_LOCK() retired

See http://svn.freebsd.org/changeset/base/233202.

Per JohnBaldwin: "should be using if_mcast_rlock() and if_mcast_runlock() instead of using those macros directly. This works all the way back to 8.0."

C++ changes

ports broken on both 10-CURRENT and 9-STABLE

SCSI changes

Note: see the changes in audio/cdparanoia for a possible starting point.


(900007 on 20100113)

All the below are marked BROKEN as of 20111211.

ports broken on both 10-CURRENT, 9-STABLE, and 8-STABLE


(800501 on 20100124)

ARP v2

(see fix in devel/pwlib 1.52)


(800063, legacy headers removed >= 800092)

See USB for hints on linking changes that might be needed.

/!\ When fixing usb ports please do not use the libusb20 interfaces directly for trivial usb access - AndrewThompson



See Also

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