Ports New Distfiles Checker

Portscout is a tool which looks for new versions of software in the FreeBSD ports tree. It was written by Shaun Amott (shaun@) and is run by Ryan Steinmetz (zi@). You may browse the portscout information by visiting http://portscout.freebsd.org/

* Port data is synchronized from the FreeBSD ports repository hourly.

* Email notifications are sent daily. (Notifications for a given port are only sent once)

* New version checks run daily.

As of November 3rd, 2012, portscout notifications are automatically sent to all *@FreeBSD.org email addresses, except for those that are excluded. If you wish to receive notifications whenever your ports are out of date, please send an email to portscout@portscout.freebsd.org from your maintainer email address.

A list of users that have unsubscribed from portscout notifications may be found here: http://portscout.freebsd.org/info/remove_emails.txt

Port maintainers may wish to ignore certain versions or place other restrictions on portscout. Please review the documentation available (http://portscout.freebsd.org/info/portscout-portconfig.txt) on how to configure the PORTSCOUT variable in your ports.


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