Python Ports Policy

Status: Call For Proposals

The following is a high-level list of potential features, functions, behaviors or design-decisions for Python software in the FreeBSD ports framework.

It will initially be used:




If a Python package is registered on PyPI, use MASTER_SITES=CHEESESHOP unless there is a compelling (temporary) case not to.

Examples where using an alternate MASTER_SITES is OK:

In these cases, issues or PR should be created upstream to rectify the problem, and MASTER_SITES switched to CHEESESHOP when the change is released in a later version.

This ensures an upstreams packaging/deployment pipeline is well tested and standardised (Python standards), as it is heavily relied upon (setuptools, autoplist, documentation, discoverability, etc).




Framework Compliance

Packages and Modules

Python as a Build Dependency

This avoids unnecessary dependencies on Python meta-ports and allows the port to be built with different default versions of Python (given the build system supports those). Those ports SHOULD use a meta-port version of Python, such as USE_PYTHON_BUILD=2 or USE_PYTHON_BUILD=3, or, if the build system is compatible with any Python version, USE_PYTHON_BUILD=yes.

Python Scripts

Python Language Ports and Framework

Description: Upstream issue summary or commit short log
Issue ID: URL to upstream Issue
Changeset: URL to upstream Commit
TODO: Comments on what needs to be done to remove local patch


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