ATM this list is unordered, just a bag of ideas how a FreeBSD QA checklist should look like. It's also very incomplete ATM, feel free to add your ideas, HOWTOs and improvements here.

* new install on a clean HD (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<harddisk> bs=512 count=1) via: ** FTP (more than one system required) ** NFS (more than one system required) ** CD-ROM

* minimal kernel + modules in /boot/loader.conf

* foreach module: load & unload (several times?)

* foreach FS: run src/tools/regression/fsx [scriptable, script not written]

* run various benchmarks (only if you can compare it with previous runs on the same HW) [scriptable, script not written] ** MySQL ** apachebench ** disk IO ** net IO (more than one system required) ** IPC IO

* install some jails

* connect them via PPP, PPPoE, IPSec, ??? and redo the net IO tests [scriptable, script not written]

* diskless boot ** PXE ** BOOTP

* test DHCP (more than one system required)

* run the regression tests in tools/regression [people which know the tests should add a HOWTO or a rationale why to not run particular tests here]

* test "basic"(?) functionality of the firewalls (requires more than one system) [scriptable, script not written]

* netgraph tests

* suspend/resume

* Use the new RC(BETA) to build the whole ports tree.

* Upgrade from the previous -STABLE / -RELEASE.


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