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[DIFF] 13:11 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala [1-4] #01 Get rid of /var/run for now
[DIFF] 12:41 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala
[DIFF] 11:05 Info martinfilla [1-3]
[DIFF] 10:58 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala
[DIFF] 01:56 Info AndrewPayne
[DIFF] 20:22 Info MarkLinimon [1]
AndreyPonomarenko [2]
#01 minor wiki markup.
#02 ASUS X71SL
[DIFF] 20:15 Info MiguelGocobachi phpdaemon assigned to Miguel Gocobachi
[DIFF] 20:02 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #01 add Miguel Gocobachi who is interested in the Ideas page and various ports.
#02 add Andrey Ponomarenko and AndrewPayne who are interested in adding to the laptop information.
[DIFF] 18:16 Info AllanJude [1]
WarnerLosh [2-9]
[DIFF] 17:18 Info WarnerLosh [1-2]
[DIFF] 13:49 Info AndrewTurner Point people at the virt EDK2 firmware qemu ships with
[DIFF] 13:45 Info KyleEvans
[DIFF] 09:03 Info AndreyPonomarenko [1-5] #01 Add ASUS A3L
#02 Add Dell Latitude E6530
#03 Add Lenovo G570
#04 Add ASUS X71SL
#05 Reorder alphabetically
[DIFF] 09:02 Info AndreyPonomarenko [1-2] #01 Note about added WiFi module
#02 Add ASUS A3L
[DIFF] 08:45 Info AndreyPonomarenko [1-2] #01 Fix title
#02 Renamed from 'Laptops/Dell_E6530' .
[DELETED] 08:43 Info AndreyPonomarenko Add Dell E6530
[DIFF] 08:21 Info AndreyPonomarenko Add Lenovo G570
[DIFF] 04:40 Info AndreyPonomarenko about me
[DIFF] 01:32 Info LiWenHsu FreeBSD 12.1 on the Azure Marketplace
[DIFF] 17:40 Info MichaelTuexen
[DIFF] 16:57 Info MichaelTuexen
[DIFF] 16:42 Info MitchellHorne Update platform path
[DIFF] 10:46 Info AlfonsoSiciliano add lsxo
[DIFF] 09:58 Info AntranigVartanian [1-2] #02 Basic setup with VirtualBox to get started in contributing
[DIFF] 07:44 Info KaiKnoblich [1-3] #01 Add a TODO list to get a quick overview what's still open
#02 Mark a few PRs a done
#03 Create new sub-page to track the migration process from Django 1.11 to Django 2.2
[DIFF] 07:04 Info martinfilla [1-3]
[DIFF] 07:00 Info KaiKnoblich Remove the content that was moved to the Django22Migration sub-page and revise the entry list
[DIFF] 23:20 Info MarkLinimon [1-5]
AllanJude [6]
#01 clean up a bit. comment out one more stale link.
#03 move things around to make more sense to newcomers.
#04 refactor ancient history.
#05 remove stale stuff, part 1.
[DIFF] 23:16 Info MarkLinimon move historical stuff to its own page.
[DIFF] 16:06 Info MateuszPiotrowski link to my commits at
[DIFF] 05:19 Info MarkLinimon [1-8] #01 add https://adventurist. me/posts/00301
#02 add an xref to the bugzilla dashboard and a few others
#04 add some "general suggestions".
#08 pick out some specific ideas for bugbusting from KitchenerNotes.


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