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[DIFF] 23m ago Info MasonLoringBliss [1-2] #01 Note things that can be done before first boot.
#02 Don't kldload geom_mirror as we avoid a tedious bug.
[DIFF] 01:11 Info KubilayKocak Extend descriptions in ASCII diagram
[DIFF] 23:06 Info MarkLinimon add Daniel Perez.
[DIFF] 22:15 Info ColinPercival [1-3] #01 Update 'how it's going' flamechart.
#02 Upload of attachment 'tslog-14.0.svg'.
#03 Attachment 'tslog-14.0.svg' deleted.
[DIFF] 05:44 Info DamjanJovanovic Document /proc non-use, inotify status, maintain a section on historical Wine versions
[DIFF] 19:12 Info GuangyuanYang
[DIFF] 07:19 Info MarkLinimon wiki markup.
[DIFF] 05:47 Info AlfonsoSiciliano add "bsddialog" to projects
[DIFF] 19:58 Info DanielEbdrup Setup a redirect to catch extreneous links.
[DIFF] 19:26 Info BjoernZeeb [1-2] #01 Add another todo; bhyve passthru.
#02 add USB-RTC for now
[DIFF] 17:48 Info LeandroLupori [1-2] #02 Document steps to fix colors on when using PPC64 BE on Talos/Blackbird
[DIFF] 17:43 Info MarkJohnston updates from my testing
[DIFF] 17:11 Info LeandroLupori [1-3] #01 Replace FreeBSD-13-CURRENT by FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE
[DIFF] 15:01 Info MichaelTuexen
[DIFF] 20:37 Info AnneDickison
[DIFF] 15:06 Info MichaelTuexen


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