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[DIFF] 17:31 Info GlenBarber Enable Li-Wen Hsu write access; add bapt to admin group
[DIFF] 16:38 Info BaptisteDaroussin
[DIFF] 16:37 Info BaptisteDaroussin
[DIFF] 11:15 Info LiWenHsu [1]
EdMaste [2]
#01 Add start time of Bhyve office hour on 2021-01-27
#02 Add Bhyve for Jan 27
[DIFF] 04:51 Info AdrianChadd
[DIFF] 22:23 Info MarkLinimon [1-4] #01 add a URL for a complete hierarchy build.
#04 update the list of most annoying failures.
[DIFF] 20:50 Info ThierryThomas Adding Fortran
[DIFF] 20:42 Info ThierryThomas Adding Fortran (page to be created)
[DIFF] 01:45 Info MathiasPicker Update with tweak for blender (do not use DRI3)
[DIFF] 22:32 Info AlfonsoSiciliano [1-2] #01 add link ics/intel-backlight
#02 Update link to nvidia optimus tutorial
[DIFF] 21:53 Info martinfilla [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:54 Info MateuszPiotrowski fix dead links to http://www.solarisin
[DIFF] 19:01 Info martinfilla
[DIFF] 16:51 Info EmmanuelVadot Remove tweaks to loader.conf no needed anymore
[DIFF] 16:09 Info MarkLinimon add Mathias Picker.
[DIFF] 15:47 Info MarkLinimon [1-4] #02 remove apparently stale comment.
#03 fix up the statistics. why I earlier had zero for gcc4.8 I don't know; it was false.
#04 PR 246700 has now been committed.
[DIFF] 13:26 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala [1-10] #01 Merge TODO into Development Efforts
#02 Drop last two PR's - they are particularly important in any way - and move the text about umbrella PR to Bugs.
#03 Remove 39201; linuxulator doesn't seem to use RFLINUXTHPN
#04 Remove irrelevant details on who maintains man pages.
#06 Link Netflix instructions.
#08 Bump version in CURRENT; remove sentence obsolete since 12.1.
[DIFF] 12:32 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala [1-2] #01 Simplify.
#02 Fix deboostrap version.
[DIFF] 12:16 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala Add Linuxulator (at a somewhat random place, better sugestions welcome)
[DIFF] 12:14 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala Drop linux-xdev, it's severely outdated
[DIFF] 12:12 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala Point users at LinuxJails.
[DIFF] 11:06 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala [1-2] #02 Move some stuff from Linuxulator.


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