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[DIFF] 17m ago Info KubilayKocak [1-2] #01 Add title
#02 Initial structure
[DIFF] 73m ago Info BernardSpil Add MenteeProcess sub-page
[DIFF] 02:34 Info KubilayKocak [1-3] #01 Add Mentees: Johannes (xmj), Dominic (kami) & Bernard (brnrd)
#02 Remove RedPorts link. Currently 404
[DIFF] 19:50 Info NeerajRawat
[DIFF] 21:34 Info OliverPinter [1-2] #02 add table of fortified functions
[DIFF] 21:08 Info BryanDrewery [1-2] #01 Add note that FreeBSDHelp is also for general discussion
#02 Remove #bsdadmins as it only has 16 real people in it and isn't of much use
[DIFF] 17:24 Info MarcelMoolenaar [1-3]
[DIFF] 14:40 Info BernardSpil Add FreeBSD login to my Nick
[DIFF] 06:12 Info KamilCzekirda [1-2]
[DIFF] 23:20 Info MarcelMoolenaar
[DIFF] 23:10 Info MarcelMoolenaar
[DIFF] 22:33 Info EitanAdler update create an account details
[DIFF] 17:47 Info MichalRatajsky [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:57 Info GavinAtkinson Three new SoC2015 students
[DIFF] 10:56 Info GavinAtkinson
[DIFF] 07:20 Info BernardSpil Close PR for security/sectok
[DIFF] 00:51 Info AllanJude Add Jonathan Anderson
[DIFF] 00:06 Info StevenKreuzer
[DIFF] 21:46 Info KoopMast mesa has a wayland support in libEGL
[DIFF] 22:16 Info PedroGiffuni [1-2] #01 Some more credits .. I certainly left someone out ...
#02 And that is a really old first PR.
[DIFF] 20:54 Info ConradMeyer [1-2]
[DIFF] 18:06 Info EdMaste [1-2] #01 add busdma cache in commit lists as todo
#02 add placeholder for dtrace, to come
[DIFF] 15:46 Info PeterPentchev [1-2] #01 Formatting changes to some lists and links.
#02 Describe the SixX AYIYA protocol Netgraph node project
[DIFF] 20:18 Info GavinAtkinson [1-3] #02 Migrate text from user page
[DIFF] 15:38 Info StaceySon
[DIFF] 14:35 Info PrasadJoshi
[DIFF] 14:27 Info PrasadJoshi
[DIFF] 06:58 Info LiWenHsu [1]
JungukKim [2]
#02 Update ACPICA version


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