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[DIFF] 05:20 Info KubilayKocak [1-2] #01 Make it obvious that the definition of done is like a checklist
#02 Add High-Level "Issue Tracking" Goals
[DIFF] 03:36 Info EdMaste Update buildbot link to my FreeBSD buildbot
[DIFF] 00:06 Info EdMaste vidfont(1) works properly in vt(4) now, r291377
[DIFF] 23:27 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 23:26 Info MarkLinimon stale page
[DIFF] 23:25 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 23:25 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 23:24 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 23:20 Info MarkLinimon lots of stale information here.
[DIFF] 23:19 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 23:18 Info MarkLinimon [1]
KubilayKocak [2]
KubilayKocak [3-4]
#02 Proper list
#03 Listify usage scenarios.
#04 Add initial DEFAULT_VERSIONS article, based on document Written by: Vlad K (IRC: blackflow) under Public Domain LICENSE. Thank you!
[DIFF] 23:17 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 23:12 Info MarkLinimon [1-3]
[DIFF] 12:59 Info KristofProvost Add my (kp) IRC nick (_arthur_)
[DIFF] 07:52 Info ChristianBrueffer
[DIFF] 03:01 Info KubilayKocak [1-3] #01 Fix typo
#02 Add code review for fixing lagg(4) gratuitous arp notification thing
#03 Update Twitter account links
[DIFF] 02:13 Info KubilayKocak Add Open task to build a Python 3.x poudriere repository
[DIFF] 20:55 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 20:54 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 20:54 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 20:53 Info MarkLinimon [1-7] #01 continue arguing with markup
#07 Create a page collecting TODO items for ports.
[DIFF] 20:46 Info MarkLinimon A category to index all known IPv6 pages.
[DIFF] 20:42 Info MarkLinimon CategoryCategory is kind of spurious here.
[DIFF] 06:51 Info PietroCerutti Sync work done list
[DIFF] 20:52 Info RuslanBukin use sources from iscv
[DIFF] 11:44 Info ChristianBrueffer [1-2]
[DIFF] 03:30 Info KubilayKocak Fix typo in do-testt
[DIFF] 20:05 Info BernardSpil [1-2] #01 Fix formatting
#02 Create PortingNotes
[DIFF] 16:52 Info BernardSpil Add PortingNotes
[DIFF] 14:11 Info AndrewTurner [1]
AndrewTurner [2]
#02 Add the start of guidelines for new ARM platforms
[DIFF] 05:56 Info CraigRodrigues
[DIFF] 04:54 Info PedroGiffuni RFC2757 Long thin (wireless) networks is informational.


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