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[DIFF] 7m ago Info DaniloBaio
[DIFF] 10m ago Info DaniloBaio Move to Libera
[DIFF] 21:24 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #01 support for Beagle-V is improving.
#02 add the Rezha RISC-V Linux SBC.
[DIFF] 21:15 Info MarkLinimon [1-3] #01 fill out the HoneyComb section a little more.
#02 add note that arm64 is now tier-1, not tier-2.
#03 add HoneyComb.
[DIFF] 01:21 Info PhilipPaeps Add oshogbo@ to secteam
[DIFF] 00:32 Info MarkLinimon [1-6] #06 some more notes.
[DIFF] 11:15 Info ChristosMargiolis Added new weekly report.
[DIFF] 19:36 Info EdMaste
[DIFF] 16:09 Info MarkLinimon [1]
SergioCarlavilla [2]
#01 typos and wiki markup.
#02 Add website tasks
[DIFF] 17:28 Info JessicaClarke [1-2] #01 use correct link syntax
#02 point to my dev branch
[DIFF] 16:21 Info MasonLoringBliss [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:17 Info DaniloBaio Move SimplifiedChinese link to the wiki
[DIFF] 15:12 Info DaniloBaio Fix links
[DIFF] 15:11 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'TheHungarianHandboo k'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 15:08 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'TheHungarianFDPPrim er'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 15:07 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'HungarianDocumentat ionProjectVocabulary '. Move to /Doc
[DELETED] 15:06 Info DaniloBaio outdated
[DIFF] 15:05 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'SimplifiedChineseDo cumentationProject'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 01:58 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #01 add scary bad examples from 2008
#02 typos/wiki formatting
[DIFF] 01:45 Info MarkLinimon add xref to new page.
[DIFF] 01:43 Info MarkLinimon give this its own page, since linimon can never remember these URLs.
[DIFF] 00:16 Info JohnBaldwin [1-3]
[DIFF] 22:57 Info MarkLinimon [1-11] #11 whiteboard.
[DIFF] 20:10 Info MarkLinimon [1-3] #03 whiteboard.
[DIFF] 20:08 Info MarkLinimon [1-3] #03 whiteboard.
[DIFF] 19:16 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 19:07 Info MarkLinimon add ToC. flatten a bit.
[DIFF] 18:27 Info MarkLinimon [1]
CeriDavies [2]
#01 typo
#02 move forward; stop looking back
[DIFF] 15:42 Info CeriDavies
[DIFF] 15:31 Info CeriDavies i don't think we need to talk about the other place in such big letters anymore; as I'm about to update the main website to point here, remove it
[DIFF] 13:38 Info MitchellHorne Add entry for arm64 disassembler
[DIFF] 23:34 Info DaniloBaio [1-2] #01 Add IdeaList
#02 Rename links to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:43 Info WarnerLosh [1-2] #01 Alex committed this already
#02 Remove my long obsolete ideas
[DIFF] 22:34 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'MissingManpages'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:28 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'SpanishDocumentatio nProject'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:26 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'GreekDocumentationP roject/GreekVersion' . Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:26 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'GreekDocumentationP roject'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:26 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'BrazilianPortuguese DocumentationProject '. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:25 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'DocTranslationOnWeb late'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:23 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'DocSprints'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:21 Info DaniloBaio Renamed from 'DocIdeaList'. Move to /Doc
[DIFF] 22:18 Info DaniloBaio Add /Doc
[DIFF] 20:39 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #02 add some reference URLs
[DIFF] 20:17 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #01 add link to Office Hours.
#02 add FreeBSD Fridays.
[DIFF] 20:07 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #01 bring this a bit more up to date.
[DIFF] 19:54 Info MarkLinimon [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:52 Info MarkLinimon Renamed from 'WarnerLosh/RountTab leTopics'. fix mis-spelling
[DIFF] 19:50 Info MarkLinimon checking this for staleness.
[DIFF] 19:39 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #01 attempt to fix invite link.
#02 event is in the past.
[DIFF] 19:30 Info MarkLinimon retire some folks who are not active these days. We appreciate all their past efforts.
[DIFF] 15:55 Info AllanJude June 9th is in the past now
[DIFF] 15:17 Info JonathanLooney
[DIFF] 14:41 Info JonathanLooney Add June 17 meeting
[DIFF] 02:55 Info CySchubert
[DIFF] 02:51 Info CySchubert [1-2]
[DIFF] 02:51 Info CySchubert


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