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[DIFF] 0m ago Info WilliamGrzybowski
[DIFF] 20:12 Info GeorgeNevilleNeil
[DIFF] 12:35 Info NiclasZeising [1]
BaptisteDaroussin [2-3]
[DIFF] 19:44 Info DavidNaylor Minor fixes, reported by zaphod@berentweb.com
[DIFF] 11:17 Info BenWoods [1-8] #01 Add details of hardening the SSL configuration
#03 Add details to restart nginx, and to test periodic
#04 Fix formatting
#05 Fix formatting
#06 Fix formatting
#07 Fix formatting
#08 Initial page creation
[DIFF] 01:53 Info EdMaste add ndialog as possible dialog replacement, reported by bapt
[DIFF] 17:51 Info DmitryMarakasov [1-2] #02 Just checked, PyPi supports IPv6 fine. The whole list probably needs rechecking.
[DIFF] 13:20 Info TobiasBerner
[DIFF] 12:51 Info SteveWills
[DIFF] 12:47 Info DmitryMarakasov [1-2] #01 Remove freshmeat mentions: the site (btw it was renamed into freecode.com) is not updated since summer 2014
#02 Add repology.org
[DIFF] 04:27 Info MarkLinimon stupid wiki markup
[DIFF] 04:26 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 23:05 Info JungukKim Update ACPICA version.
[DIFF] 18:07 Info BradDavis [1-2] #01 Add a brief note about Pine64
#02 Sort the Running section
[DIFF] 16:59 Info GeorgeNevilleNeil
[DIFF] 16:55 Info GeorgeNevilleNeil
[DIFF] 11:03 Info DavidStievenard [1-3]
[DIFF] 01:32 Info GarrettCooper [1-9] #08 Remove outdated commentary related to upgrading contrib/ofed and build knob comment (src.conf(5) already describes what WITH_OFED/WITHOUT_OF ED is in terse detail)
#09 WITH_MK_OFED does not exist; also, buildkernel/installk ernel doesn't influence "/etc/rc.d/opensm" 's installation -- make distribution does (which is run by mergemaster/etcupdat e)
[DIFF] 21:10 Info JohnBaldwin [1-6]


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