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[DIFF] 08:40 Info MichaelDexter [1-2] #01 Added UEFI NVRAM Support to wish list
#02 Add MeetBSD Video
[DIFF] 20:21 Info BenedictReuschling I finished booking my hotel
[DIFF] 19:15 Info MateuszPiotrowski Add a link to a really useful thread on the FreeBSD Forum.
[DIFF] 17:54 Info MateuszPiotrowski Move the code section higher
[DIFF] 17:53 Info MateuszPiotrowski
[DIFF] 16:58 Info JustinGibbs
[DIFF] 23:19 Info StephenHurd Mention HDHomeRun devices. Easier to get running than webcamd stuff.
[DIFF] 21:52 Info JungukKim [1-2] #01 Update flex URL and vendor version.
#02 Update byacc vendor version
[DIFF] 13:04 Info BenWoods Add Logitech C930e
[DIFF] 21:12 Info PedroGiffuni [1-2] #01 Add link for BeagleBoard Green
#02 Add link to specs
[DIFF] 04:29 Info PedroGiffuni Add jls(8) as well
[DIFF] 03:51 Info PedroGiffuni Intel C++ compiler doesn't need hacking anymore.
[DIFF] 21:22 Info EdMaste add Perforce as a possible diff source
[DIFF] 17:24 Info GeorgeNevilleNeil
[DIFF] 16:54 Info GeorgeNevilleNeil
[DIFF] 14:31 Info theraven Remove memory compression from the project idea list. It's far too hard to do well to make a good new-person project.
[DIFF] 21:40 Info MarkLinimon latest quarterly upload
[DIFF] 10:52 Info BernardSpil Close security/opencryptok i
[DIFF] 13:45 Info KubilayKocak Clarify the status of VimDiesel
[DIFF] 12:58 Info KubilayKocak Add Jochen Neumeister (IRC: joneum) to contributor group


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