WikiWiki means “fast” in Hawaiian.


[DIFF] 12:16 Info BernardSpil [1-3] #01 Add PR for misc/linm
#02 Add PR for dns/knot
#03 Add PR for comms/kermit
[DIFF] 10:55 Info BernardSpil
[DIFF] 19:56 Info EdMaste [1-2] #01 add crunchide commit
#02 Add commit IDs
[DIFF] 17:39 Info KoopMast Add freebsd-clang channel on the oftc network
[DIFF] 15:17 Info EdMaste add ELF toolchain tasks
[DIFF] 09:24 Info OlivierDuchateau Remove audio/xfce4-pulseaud io-plugin (now in ports tree)
[DIFF] 20:13 Info KristofProvost Add myself (kp) to devsummit track
[DIFF] 20:12 Info DavidNaylor [1-2] #01 Update TODO
#02 Simplify wiki page
[DIFF] 20:04 Info GlenBarber + KristofProvost
[DIFF] 18:28 Info EdMaste Mark aarch64 target as in-progress: core file support is now committed
[DIFF] 17:18 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala 2015
[DIFF] 17:15 Info EdwardTomaszNapierala Link GSoC 2015
[DIFF] 15:34 Info glebius
[DIFF] 15:31 Info glebius
[DIFF] 08:47 Info AndyWafaa
[DIFF] 01:07 Info ShawnWebb Added subsection for scrub and resilver performance
[DIFF] 14:38 Info BryanDrewery [1-3] #01 Add OOM process list
#02 Add unionfs
#03 Add initial page
[DIFF] 23:53 Info JeanSébastienPédron [1-2]
KoopMast [3]
#01 HW matrix: Fix a typo and workaround this irritating automatic article linking (this time on "DisplayPort")
#02 HW matrix: mention that HDMI/DisplayPort audio is unsupported on Radeon
#03 add gdm to the wayland "victum" list
[DIFF] 16:27 Info IanLepore
[DIFF] 23:16 Info JustinHibbits
[DIFF] 23:15 Info ColinPercival
[DIFF] 01:30 Info ConradMeyer
[DIFF] 21:18 Info GavinAtkinson Move AsiaBSDCon devsummit to past section


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