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[DIFF] 19:59 Info MasonLoringBliss [1-2] #01 note thinkpad charge threshold facility
[DIFF] 02:27 Info KubilayKocak [1-2] #01 Second-pass run through. Add 'guidelines' for each section, clean up and clarify serveral items
#02 Add Metadata section, add COMMENT guidelines
[DIFF] 22:03 Info MasonLoringBliss Note workaround that saves a reboot.
[DIFF] 10:44 Info BjoernZeeb [1-2] #01 Note that bhyve change seems to apply and build on stable/13 as well.
#02 bhyve works.
[DIFF] 06:36 Info DanielEngberg Add note about RK3566
[DIFF] 06:32 Info DanielEngberg Add dev note about RK3566
[DIFF] 01:54 Info KubilayKocak Add non-expiring Office Hours & AMA live chat link
[DIFF] 00:04 Info unitrunker
[DIFF] 23:36 Info unitrunker
[DIFF] 14:23 Info ChristosMargiolis [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:06 Info ChristosMargiolis
[DIFF] 09:19 Info BernhardFroehlich Fix dead link to CPE dictionary
[DIFF] 05:46 Info JessicaClarke [1-5] #02 Another one of the trivial patches
#03 Track stable/13 MFCs
#04 Generic pci_dw patches have landed
#05 Landed a few patches
[DIFF] 05:34 Info MarkLinimon [1-5] #01 try to add some images. clearly I am not an expert at this.
#02 Upload of attachment 'simple_search.png'.
#03 Upload of attachment 'advanced_search_2.p ng'.
#04 Upload of attachment 'advanced_search_1.p ng'.
#05 switch order.
[DIFF] 21:52 Info AllanJude [1]
KaiKnoblich [2]
#02 Add myself to the IRC nicknames list
[DIFF] 13:47 Info KaiKnoblich Add a wiki homepage with some info about myself
[DIFF] 13:18 Info KaiKnoblich [1-3] #01 Convert commit reference from svn to git
#02 Add another command (trace cable paths) to the update/upgrade process
#03 Update Python commands as Python 3.8 is now the default in the Ports tree
[DIFF] 15:10 Info GrahamPerrin mkjail ported. mpv-screen-recorder requested.
[DIFF] 03:22 Info KubilayKocak Update mentee status


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