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[DIFF] 23:19 Info AlfredoDalAva [1-2] #01 added workaround for clang conflicting headers
#02 Updated kernel status
[DIFF] 23:00 Info MarkLinimon [1-3] #01 correct link for IPMI PR
#02 add noted about recent commits. add link.
#03 minor updates
[DIFF] 21:58 Info MichaelTuexen [1]
MichaelTuexen [2]
[DIFF] 20:51 Info MichaelTuexen
[DIFF] 15:55 Info PedroGiffuni Add BMW's RAMSES: A distributed system for rendering 3D content with focus on bandwidth and resource efficiency
[DIFF] 09:02 Info MateuszPiotrowski add IntelMacMini to the list of projects
[DIFF] 05:49 Info TrevorRoydhouse [1-5] #01 Added macmini3,1 nVidia video driver info
#02 Added macmini1,1 model specific info
#03 Fixed PR link <oops>
#04 Added more info regarding Xorg/EFI issues with macmini3,1
[DIFF] 05:17 Info MarkLinimon [1-4] #03 continue rework.
#04 start bringing this up to date
[DIFF] 04:47 Info MarkLinimon
[DIFF] 04:45 Info AlfonsoSiciliano add new project: nsysctl(8)
[DIFF] 04:39 Info MarkLinimon move 'go' to ports page; fiddle with markup
[DIFF] 02:36 Info AlfonsoSiciliano delete useless info
[DIFF] 22:30 Info ConradMeyer update; remove rejected or items progress has been made on (PIE); mention NetBSD wireguard work; add AMD encrypted memory as a suggestion
[DIFF] 21:44 Info LiWenHsu [1-2] #02 Add config of bridge networking for VM
[DIFF] 08:43 Info LiWenHsu
[DIFF] 00:51 Info JohnBaldwin
[DIFF] 20:10 Info BradDavis Add myself
[DIFF] 16:46 Info DaveCottlehuber
[DIFF] 19:06 Info MarkLinimon [1-2] #01 add Alfredo Dal'Ava J&ugrave;nior who has been working on the powerpc toolchain.
#02 add Conor Beh who is interested in working on the documentation of FreeBSD and Hyper-V.
[DIFF] 02:18 Info JustinHibbits Update to the new world order, booting with ubldr.
[DIFF] 00:37 Info MarkLinimon update OSVERSIONs.
[DIFF] 19:12 Info DianeBruce [1-4] #02 Add some of the PR's filed with this problem
[DIFF] 03:28 Info KubilayKocak [1-3] #01 Remove no longer active member
#02 Remove Alumni section (unmaintained, reduce maintenance)
#03 Use full WikiNames for Python members
[DIFF] 03:13 Info KubilayKocak Kai is now a committer (developer
[DIFF] 20:07 Info MateuszPiotrowski I maintain devel/remoter now
[DIFF] 13:45 Info VasilDimov Add one more laptop to the list (mine)
[DIFF] 20:03 Info MarkLinimon [1-4] #02 add JonathanLooney, who has permissions but no homepage.
#03 try to bring this up to wiki standards
#04 update with current membership (requested by: KurtJaeger)
[DIFF] 20:02 Info MarkLinimon [1-3] #02 delete myself from acl list now that the role page has been updated
#03 add current entries, re-sort, make a proper wiki group.
[DIFF] 20:02 Info MarkLinimon add note. alpha sort.
[DIFF] 19:59 Info MarkLinimon alpha sort.
[DIFF] 19:57 Info MarkLinimon alpha sort. add koobs.
[DIFF] 19:55 Info MarkLinimon [1-3] #01 get rid of links that are now duplicated.
[DIFF] 19:54 Info MarkLinimon [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:53 Info MarkLinimon [1-3] #02 alpha sort.
#03 make this a proper Group page
[DIFF] 19:51 Info MarkLinimon [1-2]
RemkoLodder [3]
#01 alpha sort.
#02 make this a proper Group page and add a note.
#03 add Jochen
[DIFF] 19:45 Info MarkLinimon [1-4] #02 alpha sort.
#03 add note
#04 make this a proper Group page
[DIFF] 19:30 Info MarkLinimon make this a proper Group page
[DIFF] 17:49 Info MarkLinimon categorize
[DIFF] 02:51 Info TrevorRoydhouse Categorised page


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