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[DIFF] 18:52 Info PedroGiffuni [1-2] #01 ext2fs: initial extents write support was committed.
#02 Drop ibcs2 idea.
[DIFF] 12:32 Info MateuszPiotrowski [1-5] #01 Add a note about make cleanworld and some more references
#02 Remove uncertainties
#03 Remove the cheatsheet section
#04 add Introduction and Setup; rename the Documentation section
#05 add a link to the FreeBSD forums discouraging using ccache with WITH_META_MODE
[DIFF] 12:24 Info MikaelUrankar fixed in https://svnweb.freeb sd.org/ports?view=re vision&revision=4525 62
[DIFF] 10:11 Info KristofProvost [1-2] #01 bz@ fixed CVE-2010-3830 in r302117. Actually delete the relevant entry this time.
#02 bz@ fixed CVE-2010-3830 in r302117. Also, pf works with VIMAGE. The pf automated tests rely on it.
[DIFF] 09:56 Info TobiasBerner
[DIFF] 02:18 Info EdMaste Add Saravanan Dhakshinamurthy from Citrix
[DIFF] 21:50 Info ConradMeyer
[DIFF] 20:36 Info MateuszPiotrowski add a link to a post about fixing GL support
[DIFF] 20:15 Info EdMaste [1-2] #01 include 'git show' as a way to get a diff, and redirect to a file in the example
#02 Clarify diff creation instructions via web: there's a 2nd 'Create Diff' to click after pasting or uploading diff.
[DIFF] 16:14 Info SeanBruno update and reserve rabbit1/2 for cavium testing.
[DIFF] 17:20 Info EdMaste [1-2] #01 Update wpa_supplicant row: 2.6 is latest, 2.5 in head and stable/11, 2.0 in stable/10, Sam Leffler is has not maintained it for years
#02 Retire stable/9 column now that it has been unsupported for months, and remove rows which had only a stable/9 entry
[DIFF] 16:23 Info GeorgeNevilleNeil
[DIFF] 16:03 Info GeorgeNevilleNeil
[DIFF] 03:03 Info DanielOConnor
[DIFF] 17:39 Info LiWenHsu
[DIFF] 17:37 Info BryanDrewery
[DIFF] 12:16 Info KristofProvost Remove the pf project. It was part of gsoc 2017 and not currently suitable for a new gsoc project.
[DIFF] 14:16 Info VladimirKrstulja [1-2] #01 Fix some typos.
#02 Add a note about in-jail user login class for DISPLAY env


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