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[DIFF] 24m ago Info MichaelTuexen
[DIFF] 25m ago Info MichaelTuexen
[DIFF] 25m ago Info chengcui
[DIFF] 23:11 Info FlorianSmeets [1-3] #01 Paula left us last year as a very old lady. Talea joined us recently and Wilson has been with us for a few years
#02 Upload of attachment 'flo_talea-wilson.jp eg'.
#03 Attachment 'paula.jpg' deleted.
[DIFF] 19:03 Info BjoernZeeb Some updates given things were done. Need to clean this page up.
[DIFF] 16:35 Info ColinPercival [1-4]
[DIFF] 16:09 Info WarnerLosh [1-3]
[DIFF] 09:54 Info MichaelDexter Remove out-of-date statement that GPU passthrough is no longer supported
[DIFF] 04:23 Info MarkLinimon move BojanNovkovic from Contributors to Developers.
[DIFF] 04:22 Info MarkLinimon move BojanNovkovic from Contributors to Developers.
[DIFF] 20:33 Info ChrisMoerz updating after landed handbook update
[DIFF] 19:24 Info ChrisMoerz PR 275975 - adding supported architectures
[DIFF] 17:59 Info ChrisMoerz [1-3] #01 Switching start to service command
#02 Formatting fixes
#03 fixing typo
[DIFF] 20:47 Info ChrisMoerz [1-2] #01 additional formatting fixes, adding config.dump removal paragraph
#02 fixed formatting error for other os
[DIFF] 04:16 Info CollinFunk [1-2] #01 Typo fix: enhencements -> enhancements
#02 Add the GNU Global port under "Source code reading:"
[DIFF] 00:56 Info PhilipPaeps
[DIFF] 14:11 Info LiWenHsu
[DIFF] 13:48 Info SvenRuediger [1-2]
[DIFF] 13:47 Info SvenRuediger
[DIFF] 19:06 Info JosephMingrone Update the hours on the IPv6 project idea. The only acceptable options are 90, 175, and 350.
[DIFF] 17:34 Info MasonLoringBliss [1-5] #05 wip page
[DIFF] 04:07 Info SeteshStrong


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