What tasks must a FreeBSD Release Engineer do during the release process?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Post an announcement to developers@FreeBSD.org as well as the general public announcing the code freeze time

  2. When that day comes, the release engineer commits to svnadmin/conf/approvers to implement the hard freeze

  3. The release engineer commits to bump the name of X.Y-STABLE to X.$(Y+1)-PRERELEASE, and post a note
  4. Prepare the Release Notes

  5. After a few days, post BETA1, ask the community for testing
  6. Once BETA1 is built, notify security-officer@FreeBSD.org for freebsd-update build.

  7. Decide whether we want to go with BETA2 here.
  8. A date is set for RC1, at RC1, create release branch, bump FreeBSDversion on stable/ and releng/ trees (releng/ is now named as

    • '-RC1'), and unfreeze stable/ saying it's back to "code slush" and at this stage, release notes shall be finalized.
  9. A date is set for RC2 (typically, one week per RC), bump version, build, announce, etc. All installation related bugs must be shaken
    • out at this stage. For each RC, notify so@ for new freebsd-update build.
  10. Final release: bump version, do final test build, tag, checkout from tag, do the real final build.


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