Planning spares for FreeBSD-9

To keep KPI/KBI stability for FreeBSD-9 please add spares you will need to this page.

Please always add your login and a description of the proposed changes under the subsystem section, so someone can get back to you in case of questions.

In case you feel eligible for a subsystem please add your name to the heading stating you will poll people and do the commit adding the spares until Saturday July 16th.

Spares are getting committed. You are too late. If you still need spares you may contact Release Engineering.

Networking (bz)

struct ifnet, sys/net/if_var.h

+       void    *if_netmap;             /* pointer to netmap(4) data, if supported */

struct radix_node_head, sys/net/radix.h

+       u_int   rnh_gen;                /* generation counter */

struct inpcb, sys/netinet/in_pcb.h

+       struct in_ifaddr *inp_ifaddr;   /* (i) reference to the local ifaddr */
+       u_int   inp_rt_gen;             /* generation count of routing entry */

struct tcpcb, sys/netinet/tcp_var.h

+       u_int   t_keepinit;             /* time to establish connection */
+       u_int   t_keepidle;             /* time before keepalive probes begin */
+       u_int   t_keepintvl;            /* interval between keepalives */
+       u_int   t_keepcnt;              /* number of keepalives before close */

+       uint32_t _pad[2];               /* UTO "spares" */
+       uint32_t snd_uto;               /* sent timeout */
+       uint32_t rcv_uto;               /* received suggestion from peer */
+       int t_suto;                     /* UTO starting time (ticks) */

struct tcpopt, sys/netinet/tcp_var.h

+       u_int32_t       to_uto;         /* sent user timeout */

struct syncache, sys/netinet/tcp_syncache.h

+       u_int32_t       sc_snd_uto;     /* user timeout to send */
+       u_int32_t       sc_rcv_uto;     /* user timeout received */

Storage (pjd)

struct g_class, sys/geom/geom.h

+       u_int   spare0;         /* reserved for class flags */
+       void    *spare1;        /* reserved for default value for new geom method */

struct g_geom, sys/geom/geom.h

+       void    *spare0;        /* reserved for new geom method */

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