RNSanchez's notes and plans

I'm Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez, a Computer Scientist living in south-Brasil {flag-br} (GMT -0300 timezone). Feel free to contact me even if it's not related to FreeBSD.

Email/Jabber: <rnsanchez AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>, and <rnsanchez AT SPAMFREE wait4 DOT org>
ICQ: 34748889
PGP key: http://rnsanchez.wait4.org/pubkey.asc



Currently using, learning and trying to help with BSNMPD development, in contact with ShteryanaShopova, HartiBrandt and VictorCruceru.

My plans are to implement:

DISKSTORAGE-MIB should provide information with greater detail than what is available through HOSTRESOURCES-MIB, specifically to UNIX environments (perhaps BSD or even FreeBSD specific). It was not created yet, btw.

More details to come, and also at http://rnsanchez.wait4.org/soc/proposta.txt, which is my original (and not selected) proposal for Google's Summer of Code 2006.

You can check BsnmpTODO for further info on what's coming next in BSNMPD.

BSNMPD Patches

contrib/bsnmp/gensnmpdef (2006-05-30)

Fix some segfaults that occur when a required module is not found while processing user-requested modules. Others segfaults remain, as libsmi sometimes does not return NULL when some required module was not found. Perhaps a complete fix depends on a libsmi fix too.

ATM and NETGRAPH MIBs (2006-05-30)

Fix "module BEGEMOT-{ATM,NETGRAPH}-MIB not found" for BEGEMOT-ATM-FREEBSD-MIB. HartiBrandt or VictorCruceru probably will come up with a better solution. :)

Miscellaneous Areas of Interest in FreeBSD

These are topics I plan to investigate:

The list is much longer, but these are the ones I'm definitely going to investigate.

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