The rust team takes care of Rust Programming Language and Rust-related ports and packages.


We currently maintain lang/rust for the following architecture and release combinations:

Rust in the FreeBSD Kernel

It is possible to create FreeBSD kernel drivers and modules written in Rust using RustKPI (GitHub), created by JohannesLundberg as part of his Masters Thesis on Safe Kernel Programming with Rust (2018, PDF).

Rust-based FreeBSD Kernel Modules (Hello World, RustKPI) and an e1000 Rust FreeBSD network driver are also available in the repository.

Rust Team


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  1. < 12.1 not supported due to a bug in rtld (1)

  2. 13.0 will use the new ELFv2 ABI (2)

  3. requires custom kernel with COMPAT_FREEBSD11 (3)

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