puffs port for FreeBSD

Currently FreeBSD has limited support for userlevel file systems with fuse port (ports/sysutils/fusefs-libs) and kernel module (ports/sysutils/fusefs-kmod). fusefs-libs is GPL licensed and can't be imported into base system which limits is usability. fusefs-kmod is kernel driver implementing fuse kernel-userlevel interface. VFS implementations Linux and FreeBSD have differ a lot, thus making kernel driver complicated. Because of such VFS divergence there are some known drawbacks which can't be easily fixed (consider ntfs-3g "file not found" and EAGAIN errors arising because of vnode reuse).

I'm working on porting puffs (Pass-to-Userspace Framework File system) from NetBSD. puffs was developed during Google Summer of Code 2005 and has proven reasonably stable since then. There is also a librefuse wrapper for puffs providing source level compatibility with fuse.


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