FreeBSD MP Scalability Project

With the advent of readily affordable 32-thread hardware (sun4v), the starting goal of 4-processor scalability for the FreeBSD SMPng Project requires revision. This page is a work-in-progress todo list, and is not comprehensive.

  1. Improve MUTEX_PROFILING: measure contention times, not just counts; measure contention for other lock types, such as spinlocks, sx locks, rw locks, etc, not just sleep mutexes.
  2. Simplify locking in sleepqueues.
  3. Determine how best to reduce runq lock contention.
  4. Re-evaluate inlining decisions.
  5. File descriptor lock contention.
  6. General profiling of real-world workloads with > 8 cpus.

  7. IPC lock granularity, especially for UNIX domain sockets.


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