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I am Shteryana Shopova and I am a CS student at The University Of Sofia, Bulgaria {flag-bg} . Currently I work as a network/system developer at a company producing network devices. My interests are :

I'll try to help in development of SNMP support in FreeBSD.

I've been lucky to be funded by Google to spend the summer of 2005 hacking on snmp client-side tools for FreeBSD - more details on the project can be found at BsnmpTools page.

Then, summer of 2006, Summer of Code is on again, and once more I'm one of the lucky students that will be hacking on FreeBSD code. My original proposal for Summer of Code 2006 can be found at - the main deliverable is implementing a SnmpBridgeModule. SnmpVlanModule support was postponed in favor of multi-bridge support for FreeBSD.

In October, 2006 I was honoured with a src commit bit to "work on bsnmp monitoring modules, tools and related kernel parts". Current work in progress is a SnmpWirelessModule.

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