Project name

Project description

(Two or three paragraphs about your project, the problem you are trying to solve, and any obstacles you may hit.)

Approach to solving the problem

(Details as to how you intend to approach the problem, if applicable. May include ideas as to how to break the problem down into smaller parts, or notes on research you need to do before settling on your final approach to solving the problem)


(List of features you plan to implement)


(5-10 milestones, with dates, indicating when you hope or expect to be able to complete features. This section is mandatory. Please negotiate these with your mentor to make sure you're not under- or over-estimating the amount of work to be done. Please also make sure the following four dates are included within your milestones)

Test Plan

(List of steps you plan to use to test your work, as discussed with your mentor)

The Code

(Link to your code, for example or a Github URL etc)


(A place to make notes that will be useful to others looking at your code. You probably don't need to put anything here on day one)

(Links to any external resources, work, research etc which may be useful to you or to anybody wanting to understand your work)

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