Support bhyve as a Vagrant VM backend.

Project description

Vagrant is a software tool used to create and configure virtual environment, i.e. virtual machine. It’s like a wrapper around virtualization software to make it easy to use virtual machine in developing. It was tied to virtualbox during its early days. But now it supports many other backends (e.g. hyper-v), which is called provider, and can be easily extended to add more providers through its plugin system (e.g. vagrant-aws). Through this plugin system, we can add bhyve as a provider of Vagrant. So that setting up a bhyve machine can be done only with "vagrant init" and "vagrant up", which will make using bhyve in development much easier.

Approach to solving the problem

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Test Plan

Vagrant has a library, named vagrant-spec, providing testing helpers which can be used to write unit and acceptance tests for Vagrant plugins. It includes some acceptance tests which treat Vagrant as a black box. This can be used to test whether the plugin can work with whole Vagrant system correctly. The library also ships with some provider acceptance tests to test its built-in provider virtualbox, these tests can be reused to test basic factionalities of this new plugin. And for the bhyve-specific those might be introduced in, some new test cases should be created to make sure that they work correctly.

The Code

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