Add support for usbdump file-format to Wireshark

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Project description

This project will add support for usbdump file-format to Wireshark. usbdump is the userland program of FreeBSD USB subsystem, which allows capturing packets that go through each USB host. Wireshark is a widely used network packet analyzer which is capable of capturing network packets and displaying the packet data as detailed as possible. Currently Wireshark does not support usbdump file-format of FreeBSD. By diving into Wireshark’s wiretap library, which handles a number of formats it supports, we can add support for usbdump file-format.

Approach to solving the problem







May 30 - June 5

Week 1

Start learning wiretap library of Wireshark, declare and register key routines: usbdump_open, usbdump_read, usbdump_seek_read


June 6 - 12

Week 2

Implement usbdump_open for checking if an open file is of usbdump format


June 13 - 19

Week 3

Study the file format of usbdump, declare usbdump_read_record to read the packet record


June 20 - 26

Week 4

Implement usbdump_read, usbdump_seek_read, usbdump_read_record to implement reading support for usbdump to Wireshark


Phase 1 Evaluation

June 27 - July 3

Week 5

Finish file reading support for usbdump file format


July 4 - 10

Week 6

Fix several crashes/bugs while building wireshark with my patch and doing small tests


July 11 - 17

Week 7

Add hooks to make Wireshark dissect packet header of usbdump packets


July 18 - 24

Week 8

Add hooks and dissectors to make Wireshark dissect USB CONTROL setup packets of usbdump packets


Phase 2 Evaluation

July 25 - 31

Week 9

Add data flow direction (between host and specific endpoint), fix offset bug in usb standard setup dissection (but there still exists a bug: Wireshark will display malformed packet after the dissection).


August 1 - 7

Week 10

Study the usb specification to get deeper understand about usb protocols and packets.


August 8 - 14

Week 11

Add USBMS dissection


August 15 - 21

Week 12

Write README.GSoC as the report


Final Evaluation

Test Plan

Wireshark is shipped with a testing script to do fuzz-testing. This script needs to be fed with some capture files, besides providing real world usbdump output file, I decide to write a tool that produces random fake capture files. The generated files can be both valid and invalid, together to do fully stress fuzz-testing.

The Code


usbdump manual page

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