Porting Microsoft's CoreCLR, CoreFX, and PowerShell to FreeBSD

Project title

Porting the .NET Core SDK & Runtime and PowerShell to the FreeBSD operating system.

Project description & Approach to solving the problem

The idea is to ultimately port PowerShell to FreeBSD. But, in order to achieve that, porting the CoreCLR and CoreFX libraries -- as well as other .NET Core SDK dependencies -- is necessary for they are vital components for PowerShell to build and function. There’s already work in progress related to porting CoreCLR and CoreFX to FreeBSD, so this should represent a starting point for this effort. After that, with all the .NET Core SDK toolchain ported, the effort will be focused on building PowerShell. With those completed, the aim will be towards packaging the utilities to make them available in the ports tree.

There are already Linux PowerShell binaries ready for use and some ideas or implementations should be derived from there. PowerShell, as well as the CoreCLR and CoreFX projects, are open-sourced, therefore working with their teams at Microsoft isn’t a barrier, should some work on their side render necessary, or some code upstreaming need to be done, for this project to be successful.

The first step towards solving the problem will be to understand the components needed to build the .NET Core runtime and the SDK -- since they are developed individually with their own GitHub repositories. After that, the efforts will be directed towards actually building these components on FreeBSD in order to get a functional runtime and SDK. Once this is done, all the efforts will be directed towards getting PowerShell to build and function on the FreeBSD platform.



Test Plan

This test plan is initial and may change later

The Code


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