Verification of Bhyve's instruction emulation

Project title

Test harness for instruction emulation code using Intel XED(x86 encoder decoder) tool.

Project description & Approach to solving the problem

Bhyve hypervisor that runs guest operating system inside a virtual machine (parameters like the number of virtual CPUs, amount of guest memory and input-output connectivity can be specified with command line parameter). It has a software emulator of a small number of instructions which needs to be tested using Intel XED tools and after decoding it needs to produce a data structure describing the opcode, operands, and flags or vice versa. The main purpose of this project is to provide a test for Bhyve instructions. The tests are a tiny guest operating system that generally executes few lines of C and assembler test code in order to obtain its PASS/FAIL result. This test harness provides FreeBSD and software emulator to check the accuracy of their instructions. It is often used for quick and dirty bug reproducer. I will try to provide simplicity to test harness so that it is easy to verify they are correct, easy to maintain and easy to use in timing measurement. Since this FreeBSD OS supports multiple architectures currently (i386, amd64, ARM, MIPS, PPC, sparc64). I am trying to provide test harness which supports all these architectures. I am creating a test harness for the instructions emulation code using the Intel XED tool which is the software library for encoding and decoding x86(IA-32 instructions set and Intel 64 instructions set) instructions. information and produces a data structure describing the opcode, operands, and flags. From these, we obtain the PASS/FAIL result of the emulation.


Test harness


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