Input method in FreeBSD virtual terminal

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Project Description

This project aims to provide an environment that can run IME (input method engine) to enable users to type CJK characters in vt(4).

This project was divided into two parts, backend and frontend. The backend is supposed to process keys sent from the frontend and translate them into valid CJK characters, depending on different input schemas. The frontend, on the other hand, recieves utf-8 encoded CJK characters and insert them on the screen. Additionally, the frontend need to print preedit string and candidates during composing.


Weekly Reports




  1. Set up the kernel patch (branch vt-ime):

  2. Set up the backend:

  3. Fire up the vt console and set the console font to b16.hex in fontstuff for displaying CJK characters correctly

  4. Press right ctrl key to toggle IME mode
  5. Press keys to compose CJK chars/words and use Space to commit the preedit string (Currently only support the input scheme Bopomofo)

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