Input method in FreeBSD virtual terminal (Week 11)

Date: 08/16-08/22


This week I was preparing for my work product for the GSoC final evaluation. Things I did include:

You can find the project materials in

Final Summary


This is the first time I participated in GSoC and contributed to FreeBSD. In the beginning, both one of my mentor LiWenHsu and I thought the project goal is challenging and difficult, since I'd never read the FreeBSD kernel souce code, let alone modified the kernel. Fortunately, LiWenHsu and another mentor, PhilipPaeps, helped me a lot, specifically answering my questions and giving me many advices when I was stuck. Finally, I was cheerful to announce this project had been done and met most of my expectations stated in the proposal. Also, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to take part in FreeBSD project.

Future Work



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