Transport Hangout 14 Jan 2016

Route caching is up as a review but not yet committed. This may need modification based on the other routing changes. bz@ will followup on this.

Having a socket where a INADDR_ANY means any FIB as well as any address.

No updates on MPTCP.

Hans's LRO patch needs a review. Randall has reviewed it and says he likes it.

There may be routing tests in src/tools src/tests or somewhere. gnn will look into this.

TCP Respond bug is still under review.

rstone@ finds that the kernel is having issues handling lots of 8k messages at 40G on Connect-X3.

teuxen@ asks what people think of the sendmmsg/recvmmsg system calls. He says they are planning to do some measurements with SCTP.

hiren@ is looking into CDG with Grenville from Swinburne. Hiren will start working on this next week.

hiren@ asks about tracking writes to packets and knowing if they suffered timeouts or delays. There may be enhancements from lstewart@ to SIFTR that may help here.

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