24 Mar 2016

Jegg, Scott, Warner, Hiren

A general discussion of "what's the state of route caching now?" after https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4306 got committed. Mmacy's work https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4490 is still pending and there is ProjectsRoutingProposal also.

Hiren: Prodding a gsoc student along for tcp/ip test suite based on Packetdrill. Need to talk to George about it to reduce duplicate efforts.

Scott: iflib works okay for NF and should be tested by more. Intel is onboard with taking it in but needs to still work on schedule and logistics of how the in-tree drivers look with the change. Plan is to have it in for 11.

Hiren: If NF can provide 10g (ixgbe) diffs for 10, LL can try to test that in prod. Scott will talk to Drew about that.

Scott: NF is working on mbuf improvements to get more cache-hits. General idea is to not have to walk through Mbufs with next ptrs but to have the 1st mbuf carry pointers to all others in the chain.

Jegg: Is iflib required for much of the work? Scott agreed that iflib has to be in for this to work well.

Jegg: Is NF going to upstream the ssl related work? Scott said that is the plan. Need to cleanup and sort out some details.

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