These are not Release Notes! This is an informal list of changes which are considered important or interesting to the users of FreeBSD. As such, they may contain incomplete or wrong information. If you are a developer, please keep this page updated!

These notes have not been updated in some time! This page was largely updated during the lead-up to FreeBSD 11, and many of the items have received further updates after those noted below.

The intent is for this page to collect major, user-visible changes to FreeBSD while in the development cycle for FreeBSD 11, no matter if the changes are eventually MFC-ed to earlier versions.

What's new for FreeBSD 11

Overall system / architectural changes

(architecture as in "the overall design of the system", not in the sense of "ARM vs x64")

Tool chain

Kernel, hardware support & other low level improvements

New Hardware Support

Networking improvements

A new version of NetMap


Committed to CURRENT


Luigi Rizzo and others


Most relevant features:

ARM improvements



In Development, partially committed to CURRENT


AndrewTurner, SemiHalf, and others Sponsored by the FreeBSD Foundation



PowerPC improvements

Sparc64 improvements

Virtualization Improvements

bhyve Improvements

Xen Improvements

Hyper-V Improvements

AWS EC2 Improvements

Other Improvements

Wireless Improvements

Storage Subsystem Improvements


Other changes

Quarterly status reports

Other documentation

It is useful to keep an eye on Recent Wiki Changes and the commits mailing list (


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