Random Wifi / Ath driver wishlist

802.11n bits

net80211 channel configuration

net80211 TX datapath

net80211 rate control and rate representation

net80211 802.11n support

net80211 regulatory

ath(4) 802.11n support

ath(4) half/quarter rate

ath(4) RX path / radiotap support





Stuff that is done

ath(4) TX Power Control (TPC)

It would be nice to finally fix and enable TPC in general. This would be useful for more efficient spectrum use and lower power consumption.

The net80211 stack already has a per-node TX power value which can be changed on the fly. It's just ignored when passed into the ath driver and HAL.

Luckily the code for all of the above fudging is in the HAL; it's just used when configuring the TX power table registers for fixed TX power. This needs to be made slightly more generic and available by the TX descriptor setup code.

ath(4) 802.11n


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