Page to track building of ports for arm64. Bugs in bugzilla should be added as a dependency to the tracker bug


Most ports that build on amd64 do build on arm64, with the following notable exceptions:

Package build status

As of a recent 13-STABLE poudriere build on the cluster, there were 799 IGNOREd ports (including zero blacklisted) and 265 failures, for a total number of SKIPPED 3049. (You may also view the index to all the latest builds.)

Some of the IGNOREd ports are expected failures for non-x86 architectures (e.g. no linux emulation support). This list attempts to help coordinate the efforts to fix the other ones.

Patches already available for testing

Please see Bugzilla search on arm64 or Bugzilla search on aarch64 and "attachment is patch"; sorted by Summary (which is usuallly portname)

Build failures

Build failures that are already known

These ports have already been marked BROKEN or IGNORE.

In general only the first case is worth working on; however, port maintainers are inconsistent in their use.

The best way to browse these problems:

The Search textbox may be used to narrow down the results.

Examples that should be relatively easy to address:

Less easy:

Finally, the reason may be missing. Contact MarkLinimon if you need help.

Missing sbrk

sbrk was never available in any aarch64 release. All the ports that try to link with it have already been marked BROKEN. But note that this commit to graphics/graphviz was sufficient to fix one of them.

/!\ TODO item: investigate whether this is sufficient for all the others.

Build failures that are new

These fall into several categories:

It requires some detective work to figure out which is which, but for now, let's narrow it down to the latter group.

New errors

These may have been caused by the change to the lld linker. Some changes have already been committed but not yet built on the cluster. Contact EdMaste.

How you can help






Segmentation fault in docs/gallery/ (currently blocked by lang/rust 20210127)






no support for this architecture (yet)



Does not configure: error: Sorry, cannot preprocess lj_arch.h



cacheFlush support is missing on this platform


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