Project Overview

To improve support for wine on FreeBSD.

Current Status - 7/6/2008: I am finished with my iphlpapi work, though is missing an include for ip_icmp.h. I am currently working on hashing out safedisc v1.0/securom support in FreeBSD.

Project Timeline

Finished with iphlpapi.dll, fix any bugs that present themselves.

Commited to Wine June 26th

Port missing pieces of ntdll/cdrom.c and whatever else I discover missing in order to get safedisc 1(age of empires II) working under FreeBSD. Continue research on WDM/WDF, copy protection schemes and begin writing test driver suite and work on additional bugs that present themselves in copy protection schemes under FreeBSD. Possibly add support for layered drivers (time permitting).

June 26 - July 28th.

dos support - Work on adding MZ_SUPPORTED (vm86) to FreeBSD.

July 28th to Aug 11th

Suggested pencils down date is August 11th, work on hashing out any unfinished tasks in dos support and work on cleaning up project code and prepare it for presentation to google. Work on getting patches into wine tree if not committed yet.

Aug 11th - 18th

Continue working on getting safedisc > v1.0/securom and other protection schemes working perfectly until all games work out of the box.

Post Aug 18th

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