IA-64 : Installation Notes

This is a work in progress.

Josef(me) is currently working on setting up a HP Integrity rx2600. As I have no prior knowledge about this process, I will take down some notes, so I can turn this into an Installation Guide one day.

Prerequisite Notes:

  1. syscons is not ported yet, that means you cannot use an USB keyboard to install FreeBSD.

[marcel: I've written a trivial PCI VGA driver that doesn't assume the existence of a PC BIOS. This driver, when used by syscons, provides a very basic VGA console and runs on ia64. Some changes need to be made to syscons itself to allow it to be used in a kernel configuration that doesn't include ISA busses. With syscons, we automaticly have USB keyboard support. So, to add syscons support to ia64, we only have to provide a pure VGA driver and tweak syscons. Note however that this doesn't mean that X will work. Getting X to work is another can of worms :-)]

You need to enable the serial console (switch console input and output to serial console) (i will precise this more). I used my FreeBSD workstation and cu to connect to the rx2600.

  1. Use the latest FreeBSD-ia64 build/snapshot provided by marcel and ftp://ftp4.freebsd.org

After that you can proceed like a typical FreeBSD Installation. To have the Itanium box boot FreeBSD you have to add an entry to the boot options menu. Sysinstall therefore creates a mountpoint to the EFI partition where it puts the 'loader.efi' file, which the EFI bootloader then uses to boot FreeBSD.

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