KGI was initially a Linux project (KgiLinux) with the goal of being a multi-OS subsystem. At the very beginning, KGI was nothing. GGI was targeting to be the new generation Linux console subsystem alone. As GGI was progressing, it became clear that an explicit seperation between kernel and user spaces was necessary. Steffen Seeger was maybe the most convinced of this: he rewrote KGI in 1998/1999 resulting in the version we have today both under Linux and FreeBSD.

After the port of GGI to FreeBSD vgl(4) library by end of 2000, I decided to port KGI. Actually, KGI was my original challenge but what to do with KGI without GGI?

Before the kgi4BSD site exists, KGI/FreeBSD was a private project shared among KGI developers. Now kgi4BSD becomes more popular and this is a good thing. kgi4BSD is currently the only kernel graphic solution for the BSDs. It targets yet only FreeBSD but DFly or OpenBSD (for security) and NetBSD (for its VM) could be planned.

It's a dual-licensed MIT-X / GPL project made 100% on spare time by very few people. If you like kernel development and graphics it's definitly a project for you ;)

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