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Status of the patch: linuxolator-patch-status


Update the FreeBSD linux emulation layer to the current Linux kernel as of 2.6.16


Currently FreeBSD linuxolator implements kernel 2.4.2 api (with some syscalls missing) but linux world has moved forward and current linux kernel has many more syscalls. FreeBSD lacks this so it's unable to run some modern linux compiled programs which use those syscalls or doesn't run optimally.



Missing syscalls

The last syscall implemented by linuxolator in FreeBSD is 267, linux kernel 2.6.16 lists syscall 310 as the last syscall. This gives us 69 unimplemented syscalls.

Beware of different semantics between linux and FreeBSD for the same syscall (sendfile?).

The Linux clone() syscall is different between linux versions.

Some syscalls cannot be implemented (or implemented properly) due to divergence between the kernels (get_mempolicy etc.).

Prioritized TODO (by AlexanderLeidinger)

TODO without priority

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