Status of FreeBSD ports on PowerPC built using clang


As of Q4 2019, powerpc64/13-CURRENT switched to using LLVM by default, with the ELFv2 API. This is as opposed to ports on powerp64/12-STABLE which are still built using the (ancient) base system GCC 4.2.1. See powerpc/ports/PortsOnGcc for the status of ports built using that compiler.

Older versions of 13-CURRENT are no longer supported. If you still have an installation from before that time, you will need to rebuild or reinstall src. All packages need to be rebuilt.

Please contact MarkLinimon if you want to help and/or to see the error log from the any of the failing ports.

Non-buildable ports

Again, these comments are particular to llvm-based systems.

Specific ports

Port build failures in need of most attention

See the blacklist of known failures on the test system if you want to play along at home. The list is updated often as of 20200609.


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