Status of FreeBSD ports on PowerPC built using gcc


As of this writing (20191031), ports on powerpc are built using the (ancient) base system GCC 4.2.1. The comments in this file apply to ports built using that compiler. If you are using 11-STABLE, 12-STABLE, or an older 13-CURRENT, this page is for you.

The status of ports built with clang is preliminary and quite different.

Almost all ports do build via gcc. Pre-built packages are available for 12.0R and 13-CURRENT via the usual methods. Only the quarterly branch is built for 12.0R; for 13-CURRENT, only the head branch is built.

However, as powerpc64 is a tier-2 platform in FreeBSD, ports are not at parity with e.g. amd64; there are still a number of ports ignored, skipped, and failing to build. We have several volunteers working on the problem but more are needed, especially in the area of testing.

Please contact MarkLinimon if you want to help and/or to see the error log from the last time any of the failing ports was attempted.

/!\ 13-CURRENT users: expect an llvm/elfv2 flag day sometime in 2019Q4. See llvm-elfv2 cutover.

Buildable ports

Known-working ports

Other known-buildable ports

Buildable but non-working ports

Non-buildable ports

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