This page is meant to provide a central "How To" on using AFS under FreeBSD ... my plan is to try and build up a How To Setup sort of doc that others can use to get going with.


First off, there are neither a client, or server, port currently in the ports system. There is work currently underway by RobertWatson to incorporate the Arla project's AFS client kernel module as part of the base operating system, so that FreeBSD can safely be used to mount AFS file systems. By being incorporated into the operating system, code drift should be eliminated, so that the client itself does not break between releases. This work is focusing right now on 8.x.

That said, Alex Koss <AlexKoss AT SetFilePointer DOT com> has created ports for both Arla (client) and OpenAFS (server), that can be found at, including some pre-build packages for 6.3-PRE.


RobertWatson has posted a patch to make the Arla kernel module and userspace parts build on FreeBSD 8-CURRENT. The patch applies against the anoncvs version of Arla on 16 February 2008. With any luck, these will be merged back into the base Arla distribution. They may also allow Arla to build on FreeBSD 7.x, but this has not yet been tested. Users will need to install the latest Heimdal Kerberos 5 in order to use Arla.

This work is being maintained in //depot/user/rwatson/arla/porting/... in the Perforce server.

SetUp Guide

Here is the fun part, since there doesn't appear to be any "FreeBSD Guide" for this ... for now, I'm including a link to a NetBSD guide, but the paths seem to be all wrong, so I'm hoping to run through and streamline / correct paths ... if anyone wants to send me improvements, please email to scrappy <scrappy AT freebsd DOT org>.

NetBSD Instructions:


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