AVR discontinued the AVR32 architecture development

AVR32 is a 32 bit RISC architecture from Atmel designed for high throughput with low power consumption. This port targets the bigger AP7 chips.



What works

What does not work

Source and Binaries


export SRCROOT=/src/FreeBSD/p4/avr32/src
export TARGET_ARCH=avr32
export TARGET=avr32
export TARGET_CPUTYPE=avr32
export KERNCONF=NGW100
export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/src/FreeBSD/obj/avr32
export TFTPBOOT=/src/FreeBSD/tftpboot

make WITHOUT_GDB=yes kernel-toolchain

make NO_MODULES=yes buildkernel
$OBJCOPY -O binary $KERNOBJDIR/kernel $KERNOBJDIR/kernel.binary
mkimage -A avr32 -O freebsd -a 0x90000000 -e 0x90000000 -n 'FreeBSD' \
    -T kernel -C none -d $KERNOBJDIR/kernel.binary $TFTPBOOT/kernel.uboot

mkimage is a part of uboot package (devel/u-boot port)


U-boot 1.3 or later is required to boot. Update instructions and binaries can be found at http://www.atmel.no/buildroot/buildroot-u-boot.html

Only tested why of booting is using tftp, dhcpd and nfs. * Setup isc-dhcpd and add the following entry:

host ngw {
        hardware ethernet <board mac address>;
        option root-path "<nfs server>:<avr32 root>";
        next-server <tfpd server>;
        filename "kernel.uboot";

To boot, type: 'dhcp; bootm' in u-boot.

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