Attachment 'acer-aspireone-zg5-devinfo.txt'


   1 nexus0
   2   vtvga0
   3   cryptosoft0
   4   apic0
   5   ram0
   6   acpi0
   7     cpu0 pnpinfo _HID=none _UID=0 at handle=\_PR_.CPU0
   8       acpi_throttle0
   9       acpi_perf0
  10       est0
  11       p4tcc0
  12       cpufreq0
  13     cpu1 pnpinfo _HID=none _UID=0 at handle=\_PR_.CPU1
  14       acpi_throttle1
  15       acpi_perf1
  16       est1
  17       p4tcc1
  18       cpufreq1
  19     acpi_button0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0C _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PWRB
  20     acpi_lid0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0D _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.LID0
  21     acpi_button1 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0E _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.SLPB
  22     battery0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0A _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.BAT1
  23     acpi_acad0 pnpinfo _HID=ACPI0003 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.ACAD
  24     pcib0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0A08 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0
  25       pci0
  26         hostb0 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27ac subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x060000 at slot=0 function=0 dbsf=pci0:0:0:0
  27         vgapci0 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27ae subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x030000 at slot=2 function=0 dbsf=pci0:0:2:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.OVGA
  28           agp0
  29           drm0
  30           drmn0
  31             intel_iicbb0
  32               iicbb0
  33                 iicbus0
  34                   iic0 at addr=0
  35             intel_gmbus0
  36               iicbus1
  37                 iic1 at addr=0
  38             intel_iicbb1
  39               iicbb1
  40                 iicbus2
  41                   iic2 at addr=0
  42             intel_gmbus1
  43               iicbus3
  44                 iic3 at addr=0
  45             intel_iicbb2
  46               iicbb2
  47                 iicbus4
  48                   iic4 at addr=0
  49             intel_gmbus2
  50               iicbus5
  51                 iic5 at addr=0
  52             intel_iicbb3
  53               iicbb3
  54                 iicbus6
  55                   iic6 at addr=0
  56             intel_gmbus3
  57               iicbus7
  58                 iic7 at addr=0
  59             intel_iicbb4
  60               iicbb4
  61                 iicbus8
  62                   iic8 at addr=0
  63             intel_gmbus4
  64               iicbus9
  65                 iic9 at addr=0
  66             intel_iicbb5
  67               iicbb5
  68                 iicbus10
  69                   iic10 at addr=0
  70             intel_gmbus5
  71               iicbus11
  72                 iic11 at addr=0
  73             fbd0
  74         vgapci1 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27a6 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x038000 at slot=2 function=1 dbsf=pci0:0:2:1
  75           drm1
  76           drmn1
  77         hdac0 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27d8 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x040300 at slot=27 function=0 dbsf=pci0:0:27:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.AZAL
  78           hdacc0 pnpinfo vendor=0x10ec device=0x0268 revision=0x01 stepping=0x01 at cad=0
  79             hdaa0 pnpinfo type=0x01 subsystem=0x1025015b at nid=1
  80               pcm0 at nid=20,21,18
  81               pcm1 at nid=24
  82         pcib1 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27d0 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x060400 at slot=28 function=0 dbsf=pci0:0:28:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.EXP1
  83         pcib2 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27d2 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x060400 at slot=28 function=1 dbsf=pci0:0:28:1 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.EXP2
  84           pci1
  85             re0 pnpinfo vendor=0x10ec device=0x8136 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x020000 at slot=0 function=0 dbsf=pci0:2:0:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.EXP2.PXS2
  86               miibus0
  87                 rlphy0 pnpinfo oui=0x4 model=0x20 rev=0x1 at phyno=1
  88         pcib3 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27d4 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x060400 at slot=28 function=2 dbsf=pci0:0:28:2 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.EXP3
  89           pci2
  90             ath0 pnpinfo vendor=0x168c device=0x001c subvendor=0x105b subdevice=0xe008 class=0x020000 at slot=0 function=0 dbsf=pci0:3:0:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.EXP3.PXS3
  91         pcib4 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27d6 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x060400 at slot=28 function=3 dbsf=pci0:0:28:3 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.EXP4
  92         uhci0 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27c8 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x0c0300 at slot=29 function=0 dbsf=pci0:0:29:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.UHC1
  93           usbus0
  94             uhub4
  95               ums0 pnpinfo vendor=0x13ee product=0x0001 devclass=0x00 devsubclass=0x00 devproto=0x00 sernum="AB" release=0x0010 mode=host intclass=0x03 in at bus=0 hubaddr=1 port=2 devaddr=2 interface=0 ugen=ugen0.2
  96         uhci1 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27c9 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x0c0300 at slot=29 function=1 dbsf=pci0:0:29:1 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.UHC2
  97           usbus1
  98             uhub3
  99         uhci2 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27ca subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x0c0300 at slot=29 function=2 dbsf=pci0:0:29:2 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.UHC3
 100           usbus2
 101             uhub2
 102         uhci3 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27cb subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x0c0300 at slot=29 function=3 dbsf=pci0:0:29:3 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.UHC4
 103           usbus3
 104             uhub1
 105         ehci0 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27cc subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x0c0320 at slot=29 function=7 dbsf=pci0:0:29:7 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.ECHI
 106           usbus4
 107             uhub0
 108         pcib5 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x2448 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x060401 at slot=30 function=0 dbsf=pci0:0:30:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.P32_
 109           pci3
 110         isab0 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27b9 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x060100 at slot=31 function=0 dbsf=pci0:0:31:0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_
 111           isa0
 112             pmtimer0
 113             sc0
 114             vga0
 115             orm0 pnpinfo pnpid=ORM0000
 116             fdc0
 117             ppc0
 118             uart0
 119             uart1
 120         atapci0 pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27c4 subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x010180 at slot=31 function=2 dbsf=pci0:0:31:2 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.SATA
 121           ata0 at channel=0
 122           ata1 at channel=1
 123         unknown pnpinfo vendor=0x8086 device=0x27da subvendor=0x1025 subdevice=0x015b class=0x0c0500 at slot=31 function=3 dbsf=pci0:0:31:3
 124     pci_link0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=1 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKA
 125     pci_link1 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=2 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKB
 126     pci_link2 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=3 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKC
 127     pci_link3 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=4 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKD
 128     pci_link4 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=5 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKE
 129     pci_link5 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=6 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKF
 130     pci_link6 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=7 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKG
 131     pci_link7 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C0F _UID=8 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.LNKH
 132     acpi_sysresource0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C02 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.SYSR
 133     atdma0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0200 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.DMAC
 134     atrtc0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0B00 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.RTC_
 135     hpet0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0103 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.HPET
 136     atpic0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0000 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.PIC_
 137     npxisa0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C04 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.FPU_
 138     attimer0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0100 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.TIMR
 139     unknown pnpinfo _HID=INT0800 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.FWHD
 140     atkbdc0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0303 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.KBC_
 141       atkbd0
 142       psm0
 143     psmcpnp0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0F13 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.MOUE
 144     acpi_ec0 pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C09 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.EC0_
 145     unknown pnpinfo _HID=PNP0C14 _UID=0 at handle=\_SB_.PCI0.WMID
 146     acpi_timer0 pnpinfo unknown at unknown

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