About me

I am a long time FreeBSD user who writes more than what is psychologically deemed sane in perl; my current hobby is trying to make a BSD only VM provider based on bhyve with ZFS as a backing store.

My normal haunt is on irc.libera.chat, if you are reading this and bored feel free to come say hi in #freebsd-wiki,#freebsd-social or well pretty much any #freebsd channel.


I will be slowly releasing a digital video version tracking the FreeBSD handbook chapter by chapter until completion, to be as complete as possible. This will be mostly done from a recorded virtualbox session so that users can see precisely what information the handbook is providing and where modifications may be required. The most notable of these would of course be in respect to jails and bhyve. The base for these articles on youtube is here: viBSD Youtube channel


As the youtube project will require going through the entire handbook, it will undoubted find many flaws and sections with missing or old information. As the goal is to bring the handbook onto the wiki to make it easier to update, it makes sense that these two projects work in sync. Episodes for youtube will be released inline with the pages of the handbook (+additions)

More coming on this shortly (No formal plan yet sorry :))

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