Website Overhaul

This page is a repository of ideas and suggestions for the overhaul of the front page

See also DevSummit/201208/Documentation/Notes#line-46 for the results of a brainstorming session in Cambridge 2012.


  1. Fix the search box. Either fix the in-house search, or use duckduckgo or google site search
  2. Prominent link to There is a link in the section called Community on the front page


  1. Change 'get freebsd now' to 'Download'

  2. Change the download button to link directly to the latest production amd64 dvd .iso (add link to list of platforms/archs)
  3. Twitter feed
  4. Use as a guideline.. simple clean design. Easy access to the most used sections of the site.

New Content

  1. More 'getting started' content - should be easily accessible from the front page
    1. Building a static webserver with FreeBSD & NGINX

    2. Basic FAMP Stack, Apache+MySQL+PHP
    3. Building a mail server

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