Application Containers on FreeBSD

Application Containers are a form of Operating-system level virtualization on FreeBSD.

Jetpack (experimental)

Warning This software is new, experimental, and under heavy development. The documentation is lacking, if any. There are almost no tests. The CLI commands, on-disk formats, APIs, and source code layout can change in any moment. Do not trust it. Use it at your own risk.

Jetpack implementation of the App Container Specification for FreeBSD. It uses jails as isolation mechanism, and ZFS for layered storage.

It was presented at BSDCan 2015 (slides, video part 1 / part 2)

The project tracker and source code is available on their GitHub project


Jetpack is developed and tested on an up-to-date FreeBSD 10.1 system, and compiled with Go 1.4. Earlier FreeBSD releases are not supported.


Docker has a port to FreeBSD, see the current progress on its GitHub page.

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