Clement Lecigne

About me

I'm a 20 years old french student in Network and Telecommunication interested by FreeBSD, security and open source in general. I use BSD systems for both server and workstation for about two years. For more information about me or this project, feel free to contact me at <clem1 AT FreeBSD DOT org>.

About the project

During this summer, I'll will work around IPv6 and its security. My submitted proposal can be reached here 1. My mentor is GeorgeNevilleNeil.

Briefly, this project would be split in two parts:

IPv6 library

Libnet is a powerful C library for packet manipulation, it makes developper life easier, it's well documented with great example programs but it suffers of a poor ipv6 support.

The idea is to improve this support in adding more ipv6 APIs like extension headers manipulation, neighbor discovery... to be able to do the second part.

In parallel, I will also improve a python library for packet manipulation wrote by my mentor and begin some code auditing around the FreeBSD Kame ipv6 stack. This python library will be useful to do quick test.

Testing, debuging, exploiting, patching

In this very interesting part, I will:

At the end of this part, a report will be released.

What was made?



Summer of Code will be officially over in few days, we, my mentor and me, are currently improving a paper describing all the work I have done. It will give information about IPv6 attacks, IPv6 stack vulnerabilities (reviewed and found), IPv6 firewall holes and others. We plan to release it with all the tools written when all issues will be fixed.


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