I've been a computer hobbyist since 1982, and an avid fan and user of FreeBSD since June of 1996. Since that time, I've also become the contributor and/or maintainer of several ports, the most recent of which, mkreadmes, is a program I wrote in C as a very fast alternative to the traditional "make readmes" method of building the ports collection's README.html files. And when I say "very fast", I mean very fast! mkreadmes will build the README.html files for the entire ports tree (or any combination of subsections thereof) in a minute fraction of the time it would take to do the same task using the traditional "make readmes".

Ports are definitely my "niche" within the FreeBSD Project, and now that I'm retired from my former profession, I have ample time to devote to whatever project strikes my fancy (one of the luxuries of being retired). I would be happy to be considered as a partner or team member on any ports-related projects that may be in need of some additional assistance.

Conrad J. Sabatier

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