FreeBSD Developer Summit Documentation Working Group

May 11th (Wednesday), 09:00-12:00, SMD room 428


As part of the May 2011 FreeBSD developer summit, this working group will focus on the FreeBSD documentation. This is a by-invitation event open to developer summit attendees interested in this topic.

Note: We will try to set up videoconferencing (BigBlueButton, Skype, etc.) for interested folks who cannot attend the DevSummit in person, but who would like to participate nevertheless. If you are interested in this, get in contact with either one of the session chair persons below and provide your time zone and topic of interest.


Specific Topics

1. Doc Format/Toolchain (10+60min)

Discuss improving toolchains and contents of our documentation set

We are currently using a mixture of SGML, XML, and wiki for our documents. Although most of us recognize they are really complex and should be sorted out in a consistent way, possible future directions are still unclear. We need to share our problems in a more specific manner, especially on the following three fronts:

For getting substantial progress, the following should be discussed:

2. Contents (10+60min)

Our document set contains old information and needs to be updated and/or reorganized. This kind of discussions appeared again and again, but if we need a large change to the existing contents we need a road map including how, when, and who.

Discussion for improving the current document set by creating new contents and/or services would be useful. Random ideas are as follows:

3. Other submitted ideas and future plans (40min)

Review and discuss items in the DocIdeaList page.




Topics of Interest

Other Notes


FreeBSD Project

goal of wiki/www/articles/books/db, sgml -> xml/rest/..., translation


Session chair (1/2)


FreeBSD Project

Handbook, reorganization/consolidation, tools and infrastructure

Session chair (1/2)


FreeBSD Project


Picture of notes on the blackboard

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