FreeBSD Developer Summit: Embedded Working Group

We would like to cover the following topics. This is not an exhaustive list and if you feel there is something missing that you want to talk about, contact the session chair and your topic will be included here.


Please send talks, brainstorm topics, or other proposals to the session leader, WarnerLosh.




Session Leader

Possible Topics

These are the possible topics for this working group. Ideally, someone will volunteer to research the current state to allow an informed discussion to take place. Please contact the session leader, WarnerLosh, to coordinate. The session leader will set the final working agenda based on feedback received.

  1. FDT Transition -- strengths and weaknesses.
  2. One ARMv6 Kernel status
  3. GENERIC-like kernel for MIPS and ARM
  4. Future of armv4 and armv5
  5. Autotuning changes -- Work well for > 512MB, but horrible at 128MB and smaller

  6. Minimum system requirements
  7. Transition to clang for mips (toolchain cross-over)
  8. Lingering ARM issues from clang EABI cut-over
  9. External toolchain goals for FreeBSD 11 (toolchain cross-over)


(Add a list or attach slides detailing the achieved results here.)


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