FreeBSD Developer Summit: Java

Wednesday May 14, 13:00-16:00


Java support on FreeBSD is currently based on the OpenJDK code base. This session will be to decide on a road map for future Java support on FreeBSD.

If you would like to participate, contact the working group chairs (glewis@ and gnn@) and CC devsummit@. You will be then added to this page. Please include a list of things you want to talk about or the areas you are interested in.

It is possible to bring in people who cannot attend in person via video conference or chat tools. Notes during the session will be published later on for the whole community to see what we discussed.


There are two main goals. First is to answer questions about what the future of Java support for FreeBSD looks like and also to determine how we can achieve that within our resource constraints.

Please feel free to propose other questions.


Timing TBD.


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