Notes from the "Cloudy Things" session at BSDCam 2015:

Running FreeBSD on *

Discussion about making it easier for users to run FreeBSD on cloud and virtualization platforms:

1. OpenStack images are theoretically being built as part of 'make release' WITH_CLOUDWARE, but aren't available anywhere. cperciva to follow up with gjb about having these published.

2. FreeBSD is available in Azure, but it's not clear if users with their own Hyper-V setups can make use of them. Answer: The .vhd disk images should be usable for that. mihai to test.

3. Links to cloud providers are in release announcements, but not on the FreeBSD website. allanjude to look at updating /where.html to make it easier for users to find what they need.

4. Profiles / metapackages / images with software stacks (e.g., Apache + Postgresql + python) preinstalled. Could be very useful for introducing new users to FreeBSD, but consensus is that generating/testing/updating such images might require too much manpower.

Running * on FreeBSD

Discussion about using FreeBSD as a host for virtualization:

1. Xinuos has done lots of work on running different OSes on bhyve. Patches are in progress and will arrive in FreeBSD when complete and tested.

2. In order to make FreeBSD more usable as a host we need more management tools. Xinuos is working on tools for managing bhyve guests, which will arrive in FreeBSD when complete and tested.


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