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General Discussion

Warren presents his slides on their status on their proof based system. He thinks they're 6 person months from booting and running FreeBSD.

Benno describes what he'd like from a testing system including repeatable tests for NICs and drivers.

gnn talks about

Conductor https://github.com/gvnn3/conductor

netperf https://github.com/gvnn3/netperf

PCS https://github.com/gvnn3/PCS

And asks folks about a conformance test.

Isilon uses failpoints. Could be integrated with DTrace as they are SDT like macros.

Rump is somewhat invasive and is somewhat built into the kernel.

Rump requirese a set of services to run things in user space. Locking, memory and the like.

Should we look at the DragonFly solution?

Perhaps look at what libuinet has done to abstract out the kernel services?

Other targets might be GEOM and VM.

gnn and brd to chat about the documentation issue.

The Google CLA is an issue for submitting code back to the Google version of Kyua.

Jenkins and Test Automation

Documentation Needs

Example test conversion

How to write new Kyua tests

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