Teaching BSD Working Group

This working group discusses Teaching BSD at schools, universities, and other institutions for learning.


If you would like to participate and/or add topics to the agenda, get in touch with the session chairs (see below). We look forward to hear from you.


This session is intended for people who can either teach courses, help develop course materials, or provide ideas for new courses with BSD content. Students are also welcome to share their experiences and wishes for such courses.

To attend, register for the developer summit as well as by email for this session and be confirmed by the working group organizers (George Neville-Neil and Benedict Reuschling).

Please do NOT add yourself here. We will put your name here once you have received the confirmation email from the organizers. You need to put your name on the general developer summit attendees list though.


Username / Affiliation

Topics of Interest


George Neville-Neil



Session chair




Session chair/notes




Pad URL: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Teaching_FreeBSD

Currently developed material: www.teachbsd.org

Advanced Graduate Class Practitioner Class Undergraduate Class (in progress) OS Concepts Undergrad Course

Question: Will the Undergraduate class include "new code writing" ?

Yes but we'll have to figure out what. One option is to do something with the Scheduler (UCSC)

JHB teaches with code in user space but not in the kernel

Interesting Labs

- Writing a shell (and use DTrace to analyze)

IT Style "Intro to Unix Class"

Stallings book mentions FreeBSD, class touches upon general operating system principles. Operating Systems:Internals and Design Principles, 8/E William Stallings(Author) Publisher: PrenticeHall 2014 ISBN-10: 0133805913 ISBN-13: 978-0133805918

teaching@freebsd.org (create or find) https://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/listinfo/freebsd-course <- this?

Brown University OS Course:

Add information to the teaching giude that differentiates the modules so that people have idea of which material is appropriate to whom.

Packages for the lab material

Apply that type of structure to the github repo

OS Security Course

EC2 etc. images

Classes up on EDX (Anne)

Bootcamp Material

Embedding BSD Course

IPv6 course (with regard to IoT) -> Massimiliano Stucci, Philip Paeps

Use FreeBSD in the first semester in all courses until graduation (long term goal)

Lab of PC-BSD machines (instead of Linux)

Reproducable environments, an example for a networking/distributed system course to simulate an actual environment with FreeBSD: http://imunes.net/

Barriers: cultural in i.e. engineering colleges, variety of systems

Low cost of BBB and Raspberry Pi help bring FreeBSD into universities with low budgets

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