May 2023 FreeBSD Developer Summit Call for Proposals

We are happy to announce that there will be an in-person developer summit at BSDCan 2023. As with previous summits at BSDCan we are planning for a two day summit overlapping with BSDCan's tutorial days on Wednesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 18th. Similar to previous years, each day will consist of presentations in the morning and working group sessions in the afternoon.

Working groups should contain a small number of people (<= 30) focused on a particular topic whose output is a specific plan. Topics should be narrow in focus as broad topics result in a large group that rarely produces concise, usable output. Each working group will need a chairperson to drive the group and will have a dedicated room with A/V equipment, tables, chairs, etc. A group can either meet for a single session (roughly 1.5-2 hours) or for two sessions (3-4 hours total).

Some possible working group topics include:

We are now looking for proposals for working groups. Each proposal must include the following:

- A chairperson who will be responsible for making this group work. A chair may delegate work to other folks, but one person should have the final say rather than a committee.

- A single paragraph abstract giving a brief overview of what the working group session will cover and what goals you wish to achieve.

- A possible guest list to identify individuals known to be interested and working on the topic. The proposal should also include a list of individuals that you feel must be present for the group to be a success.

- An agenda with specific topics that the session will cover.

In addition, each working group chairperson will be responsible for recruiting one or more scribes (note takers) to be present during the group and for using these notes to generate a written summary of the group that will be published on hackers@ after the summit is completed.

These proposals should be sent to by March 15, 2023.

We are also looking for proposals for a small number of presentations. Presentations normally run about 45 minutes leaving additional time for any Q&A. Talk proposals should include a title, speaker, and brief abstract and be sent to

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