FreeBSD Developers Want List

This page lists various developer hardware needs. If you are interested in supporting the FreeBSD Project, you might consider donating some piece of hardware on this list to the Project.

We provide the FreeBSD username of the developer who needs a resource, the country they are in (for shipping purposes), the equipment they desire, and the use to which that equipment will be put.

For information on tax deductions and process, please see the information on the main FreeBSD Donation Liaison office page.

If you would like to donate something on this list, please contact

Developer ID

Developer Country

Equipment Desired

Equipment Use

Date Added

Last Updated


Vienna, Austria

half-decent workstation, Intel i3 or better

Continue my work on ports




Silicon Valley, USA

Sun Blade 2500 with 2x 1.6 ghz processors (or 1.28ghz).

Continued FreeBSD/sparc64 development and testing.




Silicon Valley, USA

Apple G5 dual-processor tower.

Continued FreeBSD/PowerPC development and testing.



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