Dries Michiels

FreeBSD bridges the gap of my profound interest in source code and my educational background in chemical engineering.

Email: <driesm@FreeBSD.org>

My overall interest within the FreeBSD project in no particular order:

  1. Documentation: mostly handbook changes (eg: IFPW in-kernel NAT), man page changes,...
  2. Ports: Maintainer of a few ports in the tree, should get more ports under my name... (https://portscout.freebsd.org/driesm@freebsd.org.html) :-)

  3. Base: Small patches to improve user-end experience, rc-scripts, man pages, configuration options, clean-up,...

Things I'm trying to work on or for in the future:

  1. DHCPv6 changes when the client hits base, will need a lot of documentation updated!
  2. NPTv6 IPFW topic in the handbook to show some suggested use cases of prefix translation.
  3. OpenFOAM porting to FreeBSD, will probably need some help or a mentor in the long term.
  4. Base: nothing real on the horizon yet, man pages regarding DHCPv6.
  5. Influxdbv2 port


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