Completed items

  1. ppbus/lpt crash
  2. ukbd LEDs
    • F-lock still broken
    • fixed by ?
  3. config vs. amd (realpath ../..)
  5. Implement FIONSPACE for FreeBSD
    • rev 1.41 and 1.42

    • How much space is there in a socket buffer (so->so_snd or so->so_rcv)? This is problematical if the fields are unsigned, as the space might still be negative (cc > hiwat or mbcnt > mbmax). Should detect overflow and return 0.

  6. c++filt Morphs
    • Used to segfault
    • obrien committed fix from upstream repo
  7. It appears that BSD.local.dist, BSD.X11.dist, and BSD.X11-4.dist are installed but not used for anything
    • flz MAINTAINERS commit: these are for ports, and no longer maintained in src/ (will be removed)
  8. tcp_syncache allocation bug (reqst00106055)
    • Attilio has committed my fix to RELENG_6
    • does not apply to later releases
  9. devctl queue size limit
  10. Add file to store info on selected timezone (reqst00080218)
  11. procfs locking (reqst00063533)
  12. gcore on threaded apps
    • Contribute from $WORKBSD
    • In progress -- Attilio
  13. IPv6 if_addr_mutex recursion
  14. BTX real mode
    • Not sure what this point was, probably just a reminder to keep an eye out for jhb's work
  15. bpf compat32
  16. devfs panic
    • reqst00184017
    • devfs_close->_sx_xunlock->_mtx_lock_sleep

      • resolved with merge from stable/6
  17. /dev/io does not play nicely with threaded apps
  18. document new FIONWRITE, FIONSPACE (and all other ioctls) somewhere.
  19. F-Lock key on Microsoft Natural keyboard 4000 does not function
  20. phk: I belive the askboot() panics if you type garbage, that's not fun. We should give it a specific "reboot" facility and not panic.
  21. Ensure growfs is stable
    • Reports now are that growfs is stable
  22. Online growfs
    • To support deployable VMs
    • Under way

SAS & SATA firmware update tools

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