I'd like to see the dialog interface for options replaced. It can not currently handle user defined values or mutually exclusive options easily.


Replacing dialog is beneficial for a number of reasons some of which are listed below

  1. Many times some options are mutually exclusive and ports can't indicate as such using the current system
  2. It might be useful to eliminate dialog from the base system (although this isn't a requirement)
  3. User defined values could be handled by the options system - instead of only be allowed in make.conf
  4. Handles default values from the environment - so default values from /etc/make.conf could be marked.

Solved Concerns

  1. This is not vaporwhere - a prototype exists with some positive feedback so far

Unsolved Concerns

Things the system should do (AKA a spec)

  1. Provide a system for the ports system to specify different types of options
  2. Figure out the default options from the environment
  3. Provide the ability to change the values via a menu interface
  4. Output the final values in the ports db options format
  5. Provide a method to cancel the changes
  6. Provide the ability to have some a long helptext
  7. Provide the ability to accept or reject the port's license from the same menu

Implementations and patches

  1. Version 4

  2. Version 7

Ports affected

All ports are effected by this change - even if they don't use options

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