EtherLike-MIB BSNMPd Module Status Page

Here you'll find development status for the EtherLike-MIB BSNMPd module and installation instructions, in the To-Do List + Changes and How to Get It sections which follow, respectivelly.

/!\ Note that the module is currently sub-alpha quality, it will probably disappoint you unless you're willing to test it and/or help with its development. Please do not deploy it under production environment yet!

Supported Drivers

As statistics are provided by the drivers, a listing of drivers was created in order to track which ones offer the data. The list is available at EtherLike-MIB/DriverStatus.

Reporting Errors/Bugs

In case you encounter some bug, error or anything else you think that may not be what really should be, get in touch with me (RicardoSanchez), and describe your issue. Don't forget to tell me what NIC type (the driver name) you're trying to get data, and the usual environment details (which FreeBSD version, BSNMPd version, patches you may have applied, etc.).

I'd be glad to check it and get back to you, so don't be shy.

How to Get It

Currently, you have to check it out from its SVN repository, and place it under /usr/src/usr.sbin/bsnmpd/modules/snmp_etherlike. It's very easy to do:

  1. Go to the modules sources directory of BSNMPd:

    • cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/bsnmpd/modules

  2. Now fetch the EtherLike-MIB module source:

    • svn checkout snmp_etherlike
      Checked out revision NNN.

  3. Compile it:
    • /!\ This step may fail if you're not under -CURRENT: you will need to update your gensnmptree(1) fetching its sources from -CURRENT, recompiling and installing it over the one distributed with -STABLE (this is what I did, as I'm using -STABLE).

      cd snmp_etherlike
      %  make

  4. Install it (as super-user):
    • make install

  5. Edit, as super-user, /etc/snmpd.config and add the following line to somewhere in the end of the file (ie, after the other modules):

    • begemotSnmpdModulePath."etherlike" = "/usr/lib/"

  6. Still as super-user, start BSNMPd:
    • bsnmpd

  7. Query it with GET queries -- it wail abort() on GETNEXT queries, at the moment. As an example, how to get dot3StatsAlignmentErrors for interface 4 (on ifTable), within dot3StatsTable, using snmpget(1):

    • snmpget -v 2c -c <your_readonly_community> <host_to_query> .

      SNMPv2-SMI::transmission. = Counter32: 0

In case of any issue related to the EtherLike-MIB, contact me (contact info available here -> RicardoSanchez). Although HartiBrandt is the maintainer of BSNMPd, he's a very busy guy and will probably tell you to contact me, as I am the author of this module.

To-Do List

A much more eye-candy and detailed To-Do list is available at This one is a summarized version.





Control table

Not Started



etherMIB group

Not Started



PAUSE table

Not Started



Per-frame collision table

Not Started



Statistics table


End of July ?


Note: the implementation is temporarily halted, as I just started my (Computer Science) B-Tech project. As soon as things settle up, I'll restart it.








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